About Me

I - for reasons long forgotten - am a graduate student in the biological sciences. I'm an introvert and an insomniac. I married a wonderful guy who is tall, blond and has amazing dimples. He's a chemist. I enjoy skiing, hiking, reading, thinking, writing, dancing, skiing, laughing, eating, watching TV and skiing. Did I mention skiing? I'm obsessed with lake monsters, serial killers, and old dead scientists. I like rum, amaretto, diet Pepsi, coffee, coffee-flavored ice cream, crab, strawberries, Peanut Butter Cups, and Skittles. I want a Golden Retriever. I would settle for a Chocolate Lab. I am a feminist. I used to be a Mormon, in the sense that I went to church. I always was and remain an atheist, in that I never believed that whole "god" story. Also, I swear. A LOT. You've been warned.

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