Monday, September 13, 2010

The Virgin Lips Club

At BYU, I had a boyfriend, from Orem, who proudly belonged to something called The Virgin Lips Club.  I nearly shot 2% milk out of my nose when this Guy and a couple of his friends were discussing this with my roommate in my kitchen before Guy and I had started dating.  Coming from California, I'd never met a boy who was proud to have made it through high school without kissing a girl.  On our first date, I got clarification that he actually intended to wait until he was engaged to kiss a girl. En-fucking-gaged!  This is extreme even for BYU guys, no?  I thought this was utter nonsense and took it as a personal challenge.  Some time later I sort of sneak-attack kissed him then apologized profusely (with fingers crossed behind my back).  He adopted a never-look-back attitude about the whole thing and left the club without honor but with full gusto!   Six months later, we were in our respective bishop's offices trying to...ummm...clear up a few things* so that Guy could go on a mission.  Whoops!

Did any of you belong to the Virgin Lips Club? 

*Post-edit: None of those things were significant enough to keep the boyfriend from going on his mission on schedule and my bishop only asked me to skip the sacrament for one week.  I think he was kinda confused as to why I felt the need to bring it to his attention.  It seemed a little overkill to me too but the boyfriend was freaking out, pretty much as one might expect from a boy who felt that he needed to save his first kiss for the girl he was going to marry. 


  1. Lol! No Virgin Lips Club for me.

    No thanks... :)

  2. Nothing ruins a healthy sex life quite as thoroughly as Mormonism can and often does. And when I say "healthy sex life," I believe it hinges to a large degree on a person's self concept -- and when you're consistently taught that sex is dirty that is not good. No wonder so many pedophiles and such come from devoutly religious homes.

    Moreover, the idea that angels are looking over your shoulder and taking notes whilst you're trying to reach the Big O tends to kill the moment. Ya know?

    I hate Mormonism. Hate it. I really do.

  3. I agree! If I wanted to get a "third" to join my husband and I in the bedroom, the Holy Ghost wouldn't be my first choice.

    Can you imagine agreeing to marry someone who had never even kissed you?

  4. Bwahahahahahaha! Oh, WOW! That's beyond extreme. That's...i'm speechless. I don't know whether to laugh or cry! But good for you for helping bring down his barriers!