Thursday, November 18, 2010

The (Imaginary/Fucking) War on Christmas...or why I am sick of the whiny Christian majority playing the martyr. Poor Babies.

I saw this on a Mormon Mommy Bore Blog and now I am pissed. Basically, it says,  "Oh hey, wouldn't it be great to behave like very un-Christian little assholes and gum up the works of the ACLU by sending them a shit-load of Christmas spam mail?  You know, to punish them for stealing our "right" to force our irrational beliefs and holiday celebrations on the sum total of society and representing 'the atheists' in the legal War on ChristmasTM?"

I don't believe that there IS a War on Christmas.  (I would love to know what you all think about it.) What I think IS happening is that non-believers and/or members of non-Christian faiths are sick of seeing our government and government-funded agencies/organizations/schools submit to the will of the Christian majority who think they are special and deserve special treatment.  They already have voting power. AND they are already placated/wooed with Christmas songs playing in every goddamn store in the country from November 1st until January 1st. When was the last time you heard I Have a Little Dreidel playing in the mall?  Do they really NEED nativity scenes on government property my tax dollars build and maintain? Are nativity scenes in their own yards and on church property not enough?  Do they really NEED their children to celebrate a religious holiday at school?  Do they really NEED conifers strung with lights and cheesy decorations to be called "Christmas" trees? Is "Holiday" tree, which could be pretty all-inclusive for the faithful and the non-faithful alike, really a huge concession or sacrifice? It's not like Christians invented the whole lights-on-trees idea so why do they think they have a "right" to lay claim on it now?  Martyrs, martyrs, martyrs.  Poor, poor babies.

I think it would be "clever" (by clever, I mean childish but fun) if we flooded this blog post with comments explaining why religious traditions don't need to be flaunted all over the public sphere and why it isn't a "right" to have a nativity in front of capital buildings and courthouses. Remember, "Just don't be rude or crude."  This woman and her readers need an education. 

I'm (kind of) sorry to be scattered and ranty.  I think I'm back!


  1. I think Christians have a 2000 year old history of believing that they will be rejected by the world and persecuted if they are good Christians.

    Of course, it is difficult in America to be rejected by the world and persecuted for being a good Christian. America is 85% Christian, and Christians dominate the Federal, state, and local governments. So what is a good Christian, who believes the Bible when it tells him he will be rejected by the world and persecuted -- what is he to do?

    Well, what so many good Christians have done when faced with that problem is they have taken up whining about a "War on Christmas" that they have fabricated so they can feel persecuted in America.

  2. I left a comment for the christians on that blog. I will be curious to see how they react.

  3. You'd think these "good Christian" Jesus lovers would find a new and more worthy cause. Like feeding and sheltering homeless people, for one example. But no. They'd rather flood the ACLU with spam than do what Jesus purportedly admonished them to do. You know, love one another ... do unto others ... turn the other cheek ... blah blah bah-ah-ah.


  4. It all boils down to a simple assumption -- fundamentalist Christians think their religion is the only right one, and therefore should be dominant. The idea that non-Christians might not appreciate nativity scenes on government property escapes them.

    If fundamentalists would dedicate half as much energy to ending poverty or promoting peace as they do to the "war" on Christmas, the world would be a better place. Imaginary "wars" are a waste of energy.

    I think I'll say "Blessed Yule" or "Happy Solstice" this December, just to see how nearby fundies react.

  5. Dude. The Becky that commented on that blog was not me. Just to be clear. haha.

  6. I would post on that blog but I'm afraid I would rant at length a little too much about this time of year which would probably just get my comment deleted.

  7. *Sigh* The complaints about the [imaginary] "War on Christmas" start earlier every year, don't they? ;)

    I wrote a War on Christmas analysis a few years ago.

  8. OMfuck!!! I misspelled clever! How embarrassing! I used to win spelling bees. I really can spell, I promise. Something about 6-ish years of grad school has completely mushified my brain and spelling/vocab/writing in complete sentences have not been a strong suit for the last few months. Bear with me, my brain is re-congealing but oh-so-slowly. Thanks for not calling me on it. You're all so sweet!

  9. No worries, Amy. After grad school the secretaries at my firm banned me from filing. They said I no longer knew the correct order of the alphabet ... Pshff. Whatever.