Thursday, February 10, 2011

These Are a Few of My Favorite "Sins"

Baring my shoulders and more than one piercing
Cute, sexy skivvies and open–mouth kissing
These are a few of my favorite "sins".

Drinking espresso or tea with two sugars
Ciders, malt-beverages (lambics! and lagers!)
Hot drinks and strong drinks that give me the spins
These are a few of my favorite "sins"

Being pro-choice and anti-scrapbooking
Neglecting housework and family home evening
Earning degrees while putting off children
These are a few of my favorite "sins"

Heavy petting
Sex before marriage
I always remember my favorite "sins"
And I wish that I had cleavage
So, Reader, what are your favorite "sins" ?


  1. hahahah this is easily one of the funniest things i've ever read. i wish i had cleavage too haha :)

  2. It took me awhile to come up with something and then forgot the last part of it:

    Gin that's well chilled
    With a twist of a lemon,
    Bitching and swearing
    With my favorite women...

    Panties with lace and a garter belt too
    Tank tops and tube tops and not just a few!

  3. Sex in positions
    That look double-jointed
    Pointing out flaws
    In the Lardy's Anointed ...

    ... and beer, loud laughter, making up new fuck-words (wish I had more time to make this all rhyme ...)

  4. @ CD - agreed!

    thinking about sex
    talking about sex
    having sex and liking it
    "self-abuse" *snicker*
    talking about sex without mentioning babies or deadly STD's
    acknowledging evolution
    not judging Protestants enough
    not attending Mass
    not going to confession
    receiving Communion without going to confession
    making jokes about the Pope's scary demon eyes
    reading Harry Potter
    eating meat on Fridays during Lent
    eating between meals on fast days
    eating right before Mass

    sorry, I'm not a poet :(

  5. I love all of these. I agree that it is hard to make them rhyme. I listed all of my favorite sins before starting but couldn't make them all fit. I didn't actually get even half of my favorites in there so I'm really glad that you all have listed so many of my others, like fucking swearing! "Masturbation" was in place of "erotica" originally but then I blushed and had to change it. But that is okay because I do love the erotica. ;-)

    And blessed be Margaret Sanger - how do I love birth control!?!

    I should confess though that aside from the Belgian varieties, I don't actually drink beer. I'm a rum girl through-and-through!

    I also really enjoy saying/screaming very dirty things during sex.

  6. Hahahahaha! This was hilariously nice!

  7. Coconut Rum
    Lazy Sundays
    Keeping an extra 10 percent of my income
    Showing cleavage
    Admitting that I have no desire to have kids
    Being a sexual person without shame

  8. hehehe. I love this.

    Saturday, I got a coffee for the first time. I didn't actually like it, but I sure liked walking around holding the cup in my hand. "Appearing evil" and such. Really just declaring to myself (and all the Utahans) that I am no longer a mormon girl.

    I also LOVE swearing. A lot.