Saturday, August 28, 2010

Back rubs lead to front rubs

This was a bit of wisdom conveyed by a bishop in one of the special youth firesides my favorite bishop ever used to hold in his home about twice a month.  I loved those firesides.  I loved that ward.  I had a lot of really close friends there and we were ALL really tight.  Literally, there were no enemies in that ward.  I think those firesides were the reason we were all so tight.  We'd pile into the bishops living room and sit on couches or pillows and we'd all cuddle (appropriately of course).  It was warm and friendly.  Sometimes we shared testimonies.  Sometimes the bishop gave lessons, usually on virtue, purity, chastity, and worthiness.  That particular bishop was really serious about keeping the youth chaste. 

It was ironic that we were all cuddled up warm-like when he told us not to be too touchy-feely with members of the opposite sex.  I'm not sure why this "back rubs lead to front rubs" saying stuck with me.  But, it REALLY did.  Probably because it was funny, and I'm into silly stuff like that.

As it turns out, back rubs do not ALWAYS lead to front rubs (but when they do...yippee!) as the old Bish told us.  I don't think I really believed it at the time, either.  I suppose that perhaps most teenage boys are hoping that when a girl lets ya rub their back, that they'll let you feel 'em up too.  But, I wouldn't know, having never had the teenage boy experience.  Heck, maybe most teenage girls hope a guy will do the old flipperoo and give a little boob grope too.  But, I didn't.  And I gave and received plenty of back rubs as a young woman. 



  1. Amy, your 'About Me' section is wonderful.

    Also, I've always hated the above piece of advice (I only heard it once during a 'chastity' talk, but heard it repeated many times later by others.) because I rock at giving massages and hated the idea of people thinking that my giving them a back massage was in any way 'dirty.' Plus, I like getting them as well (though that happens less often) and felt frustrated that I might receive fewer massages because people would feel internally conflicted. Just give me the freakin' massage!

  2. Oh but see, you've left off half of it.
    "back rubs in the front room lead to front rubs in the back room!"

    And I agree, what a lot of balderdash. If you wanna rub things you will...and if you don't, you won't...and rubbing some sore muscles in between makes no difference whatsoever.