Saturday, August 28, 2010

Yet ANOTHER blog...

...because I spend an awful lot of time bitching about the LDS church, the mormons, and the stupid, stupid shit I was told in church on my other blogs and I think some of that bitching deserves its very own space.
...because I think it might be good for me to have a public venting space where I can connect with other ex-mormons.


  1. Yay! Cheers! There's no such thing as too many blogs, and especially if one (or more) of them is dedicated to bitching about the Morgue!

  2. I think this blog is great. I have been keeping my anger away from my "regular" blog. I suppose it is a good thing because I don't want to totally alienate the people I love, but it has somehow conveyed the notion that I am not angry. But I am angry. A lot angry. The only reason I am able to keep in off my blog is because I am in therapy.

    So kudos to you for creating a place to bitch. If you don't mind, I just might join you from time to time. LOL

  3. I probably should have tried harder not to alienate the people I love. BUT, the ones who seem to care and take it personally that I don't like their church/religion aren't exactly making an effort not to alienate ME. So, fuck'em I say. The people who love me at least make an effort to understand WHY I didn't feel like the church and religion were good and healthy for me.

    That said, this blog has been great so far FOR ME if not for anyone else. I am really enjoying connecting with others who share my experiences and have either similar or different perspectives. I wasn't getting that from my little private blog with 15 invited readers.

    Feel free to join me in bitching any time you want! I love that!