Monday, August 30, 2010

Women get married for love. Men get married for sex.

Again, I heard this gem from a bishop.  I've since heard that people often hear this message at church earlier in life than I did, usually in their teens and frequently from YW/YM leaders but also from other teenagers.  But, I had never heard this until I was sitting in my bishop's office with my fiance, when we were there to ask him to marry us in a civil ceremony (we were pretty much out of the church by then but decided to have a bishop officiate to partially appease the 'rents).  I was stunned.  I couldn't believe that he was saying something like that to me at all but to be telling me, after I had just gotten engaged, that essentially, my fiance was just going to marry me so I would put out (and in front of my fiance) seemed incredibly insensitive.  He also essentially disclosed that he wouldn't have married his wife except that he really wanted to have sex with her.  I think his point wasn't that his wife wasn't worth marrying or that he didn't really love her, but just that men generally would prefer to be single.

While I was a bit miffed and shocked it didn't really bother me because I knew it wasn't true in my case since my now husband and I were already having sex. (You don't have to marry this one!)  In fact, it shouldn't have taken any power of discernment for the bishop to know that.  If he'd been paying attention at all, he would have smelled it on us. We went to that meeting right after ditching out on church to go fool around!

Haha!  I win.

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  1. Wow! I never heard that one from the Morgue, which is probably a good thing, since i would've let loose a stream of verbal diarrhea on that one! I suppose that's one more reason i should be glad i missed the whole youth program, and doubly glad my daughter rejected it early on.