Saturday, March 26, 2011

In which I become extremely wealthy...

I'm clearly not the first to stumble on this market.  But, it seems to me that I can write Christian apologetics books and make a fortune. All I have to do is just make up all sorts of bullshit and as long as that bullshit supports the beliefs they already have, Christians will buy my book by the truckload and I won't even have to do any research.  I probably wouldn't even have to re-read the Bible (I'm pretty rusty, and mine is pretty dusty).  If I validate their beliefs they won't bother checking my "sources" or thinking about the book critically. They will completely miss my logical fallacies.  I could kick that crap out in a weekend. And many of the authors who write those books seem to be doing just that. You flat out cannot write a well-researched, well-thought out book every two months.

Also, I wish my Christian friends didn't make such lame debaters. It's all just straw-men. Seriously, my friend just said this: "We're supposed to believe that microbes wash up on land and eventually walk away shaped like humans?"  Throw me a meatier bone! ANY other logical fallacy will do. I just got out of a self-defense class and I am looking for a fight!


  1. My TBM friend is convinced that writing books about mormon parenting or mormon cooking is the way to support a family. Seagull and Deseret book are gold mines. Those people will buy ANYTHING. Its the truth.

  2. I was about to say I'd buy your book, but if it was an apologetic book, I probably wouldn't - even if it was you.

    Apologetics is the most mind-numbing crazy shit I have ever seen.