Friday, March 25, 2011

Resignation Letter

If you ask, you shall receive.  Someone requested that I post my resignation letter and so I did.  If you'd like to read it or want an example, just click on the tab above. I followed the recommended template for the most part. I just added the last two paragraphs.

Helpful information on the process can be found at these sites: 
Recovery from Mormonism
Life After Mormonism


  1. As a stake president I would warn you against leading others astray in such a blatant manner.

  2. If you were really a Stake President, I would tell you about my tall, black, leather, 4-inch-heeled, fuck-me boots and how I'm not exactly shaking in them. (Okay, I might be shaking but it's not because your warning scares me. Doyouknowwhatiamsaying?) Then, I'd tell you that you can take your fear-mongering and shove it. THEN, I would tell you to kiss my ass. Respectfully, of course.

  3. Well as long as it is done respectfully; that's what really matters.

  4. Amy, I would so love to join you in telling Stake Pres to shove it. Can I please??

    But, I'm not so sure I could do it respectfully...

  5. Thanks for posting this. I am not sure where I am in this process, but I know I will need some advice and guidance when the time comes.

    Thank you for creating this space.