Thursday, March 31, 2011

Late morning - MBTA Red Line - Harvard Square to Kendall Square

LDS missionary: How are you doing today?
Long-haired hippy guy (LHHG): I was good until you asked.
Missionary: Oh, really?  Well, what was good about your morning?
LHHG: ***stunned*** Ummm.  My coffee was good.
Missionary: Oh, well, would you be interested in a copy of the Book of Mormon?
LHHG: ***moves to the opposite end of the train***
Me: ***Laughs.  Feels sorry for LHHG.  Feels more sorry for missionary. Laughs at self for feeling sorry for missionary.  Tries not to appear Mormon, friendly, or blonde/red-headed lest I set off their modar. Wishes her skirt was shorter or neckline lower.  Avoids eye-contact with missionaries.***



  1. Oh, god, a mission has got the be the biggest waste of a person's time.

  2. Yeah. But, if they didn't go, they'd get married even earlier...

    I think it sort of depends on the missionary. I've known a lot of people who really grew up on their missions. The work they are doing probably is a waste of time but I think some people really develop a work ethic on their mission that they might not have otherwise. And, they do learn how to study a lot. Endurance for studying is something I wouldn't mind struggling with less.

    I think missionaries are a waste of other people's time in almost all cases.

    Good for providing ex-mos with giggles though. ;-)